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Benefits of Hybrid / Implant Supported Dentures

Hybrid Dentures
Dentures offer an excellent option for individuals missing most or all of their teeth. However, when it comes to denture choices, you may find the options overwhelming and confusing, causing you to wonder which option is right for you. 

In the past, denture patients had two or three denture options to choose from. Both options were removable plates that you take out and put back in your mouth. Today, in addition to tried and true options, you now have additional choices.

With the development of new techniques, you can choose to restore your missing teeth with implant supported dentures, also known as hybrid dentures. Here's what you need to know if you're considering this option. 

How They Differ

More than one type of hybrid denture exists, however, all-on-four dental hybrids are the most common type. These implant supported dentures attach to four dental implants. This involves your dentist placing four dental implants as anchors to support your dentures.

The dentures are then attached to your implants, where they are fixed - meaning they remain in your mouth at all times. This differs from traditional dentures, where denture adhesive holds the prosthesis in place. With traditional dentures, you remove them to clean them and at night, to give your gums a rest. 

Both conventional and hybrid dentures are effective options for replacing missing teeth. However, there are some benefits of opting for hybrid dentures. 

Stays in Place

Dental shifting is a minor complaint patients have about conventional dentures. This is when your dentures shift out of place while doing everyday things, such as eating, drinking, or talking. While many patients find easy solutions for this issues, you won't have to worry about that with hybrid dentures.

Because implant support dentures are fixed in your mouth, they won't shift or slip when you chew or talk. This also means that you'll likely find that you can speak clearly without any issues. 

Feels More Natural

The dental implants used to anchor your dentures are positioned beneath your gums and fused to your jawbone. This provides extremely stable support for your dentures. Because of this, hybrid dentures tend to feel more natural than traditional dentures.

When you eat, chew, talk, and drink, the mechanics of hybrid dentures feel much like your own teeth.  

No Gum Irritation

Patients who wear traditional dentures can attest to the fact that they sometimes cause sore gums. This is because conventional dentures rest on and are closely fitted to your gums so that they seal and remain in place.

Having the dentures closely fitted to the gums can occasionally irritate the gums. Removing the dentures and rinsing with salt water, or rubbing soothing ointments like aloe vera gel are simple and effective solutions.

However, because hybrid dentures rest on the implants, you're much less likely to experience the irritation and sore spots associated with traditional dentures. 

No Dietary Restrictions

Quite often, patients with conventional dentures restrict certain foods that are likely to cause problems. For example, sticky foods may adhere to dentures, get stuck and cause them to move out of place. Foods like popcorn commonly cause problems for denture wearers as well. 

Because hybrid dentures are fixed and securely attached, you're unlikely to have problems with certain foods and won't have to replace any restrictions on your diet.

Both conventional and hybrid dentures are excellent options for patients. Replacing missing teeth not only restores your natural bite, but it also boosts confidence. 

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