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Denture Repairs in Visalia

Dependable Denture Repair in Visalia

Many people do not realize just how delicate their dentures are until the day they notice a crack or a piece breaks completely. Accidents or continual wear and tear can easily lead to damage. When the damage is substantial enough that they are unusable, investing in denture repair is certainly preferable to paying for a new set. Luckily, Dr. Gregory B. Halls offers such services, and we specialize in rebasing as well as general repairs. Even the most careful denture owner can find themselves with a broken set, so when you cannot wait or afford to have a replacement made, we can take care of the problem and restore them for you.

Caring for Partials and Full Sets

Partial dentures, much like full sets, can easily be broken or damaged even if you are careful with them. If you have noticed that your partials are in need of repair, we can fix whatever damage has occurred and restore your dentures to their ideal condition.

Some of the following tips can help you prevent damage to partial and full denture sets alike:

  • Do not directly brush them with hard bristles
  • Keep them in moisture so that they do not dry out
  • Do not try to adjust them

We Fix Cracks, Breaks and Other Damage

There are several things that can go wrong with dentures. If yours are cracked, broken or otherwise damaged, there is help available to restore them to pristine condition.

Dr. Gregory B. Halls helps clients throughout the greater Visalia, California, area. Our denture repair experts can service full or partial pieces, and we also offer denture relines. Whether you need to have custom dentures made or get yours fixed, we can provide the services you need. For more information, please call our dental office at 559-622-9286.

Denture Repairs in Visalia