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Visalia Dental Extractions

Sometimes, Dentures Require Extractions 

Dentures are often ideal for correcting the appearance of decayed or missing teeth. Patients whose other teeth are healthy may opt for partial dentures, while others may opt for full set for all of their teeth. Dr. Gregory B. Halls offers both of these options to patients throughout the greater Visalia, California, area.

In some cases, however, a patient has teeth that are intact, yet too damaged for restorative care. In such circumstances, they can pose an obstacle for the fabrication of an effective denture. Dental extractions can remedy the problem and make way for prosthetics. We offer partial and full-mouth extractions for a range of issues. Whether you want to simplify your dental care or preserve healthy teeth by removing damaged ones, we can provide an effective solution to all of your dental needs. Some of the benefits of extraction and dentures include the following:

  • Get a natural appearance following extractions with immediate dentures
  • Minimize the number of visits with a full-mouth appointment
  • Avoid further decay and damage to your gums by removing damaged teeth
  • Restore the appearance of a beautiful smile

Your First Step Toward a Better Smile

In some cases, it is necessary for teeth to be removed in order to fit a patient for dentures and fabricate them effectively. Dental extractions are often thought of as the most unpleasant of all dental procedures, but with a skilled staff and a comfortable environment, the discomfort can be minimized. That’s what you will find when you visit Dr. Gregory B. Halls in Visalia, California. We are committed to providing comprehensive denture care that meets all of our patients’ needs. For more information or to arrange a consultation, please call our office at 559-622-9286.

Visalia Dental Extractions